Surfing and kayak Products Accessories


Paddle Board Accessories:

  • Paddle boards offer a versatile platform for various activities like yoga, fishing,

  • Mooring Pole Accessories:

  • Mooring poles are essential for securing watercraft in shallow waters. Accessories such as mooring whips or lines help to keep boats, kayaks, or other small vessels safely anchored, preventing drifting or damage.

  • Some mooring pole accessories include protective covers or caps to shield the pole and hardware from harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and UV rays, ensuring prolonged durability.

Kayak Rudder Accessories:

  • Kayak rudders provide improved maneuverability and steering control, especially in challenging or windy conditions. Accessories like rudder kits or retrofitting options allow for easy installation and adjustment.

  • Foot pedals or control systems are often included as accessories to ensure convenient and efficient operation of the kayak rudder, enabling kayakers to navigate with

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